Ted refusing to shave until the kiln is loaded and to temp.  This was in Tuscarora, Nevada with Ben Parks and Jerry Hendershot.  My first soda/salt/crank case oil (really) fire! 

I am Ted Green, the owner and potter at Goose Creek Pottery.  I love burning stuff! I use a red stoneware and a porcelain that are both fired to Cone 7, roughly 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. Currently in the studio, I do primarily oxidation firings with the occasional reduction firing. 

I do both wheel throwing and hand built pieces.I am known for seeking out strange textures or interesting objects and patterns to make molds. Finding architectural elements and crazy interesting stuff to make unexpected textures in my work is one of my favorite processes.

 My forte, however, is glazing. Throughout my 30 years of making pottery, I have found a way to blend and balance my construction techniques, patterns and mold-formed work, and my glazes into finished products that express my passion for making.

 I am full time studio potter and gallery owner in Lambertville, New Jersey.  I love it here.